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What TV Offers Advertisers

American households watch 8-1/4 hours of television a day.*

CONSUMERS SPEND THE MOST TIME WITH TV - Despite a large measure of self-congratulatory noise on the web, people still spend more time watching TV. Statistics also indicate that the consumers of tomorrow will still favor TV over other media by a similarly wide margin.

Estimated Number of Hours the Typical American Will Spend Using Various Media This Year*

For 8-18 year olds, the total average hours per day watching TV is 3:04, compared to 1:44 for music, 1:02 for internet, 0:49 for video games and 0:43 for reading.

*Source: Veronis Suhler Stevenson Communications industry forecast, 2006. VSS is an investment firm dedicated to the media, communications and information industries. Published in the April 2007 Adlink newsletter.

Web Businesses: think outside the window

Is your web advertising strategy driving you nuts? Are you optimizing your web site for the latest SEO recommendations, only to have your efforts trashed by the latest major search engine algorithm "enhancements"?

You're spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on keywords, but you're still not considered "relevant" enough, even by the companies you're paying to circulate your text ads?

You DO have a RELEVANT presence on the web. Bring customers to your site with television.

The best door into your business, online or brick+mortar, is from the outside.

Television advertising provides an exciting, audio + video experience that tells the best things about your online business in an exciting, dynamic, persuasive way -- and gets people to your door who wouldn't have even known to search for you before.

Television advertising has earned an excellent, consistent, successful track record of promoting products and services for over half a century. TV advertising has many advantages for local, regional, and nationwide businesses. Brick and mortar... OR online.

CONSUMERS VOTED TV: MOST PERSUASIVE & MOST EXCITING - Consumers say TV is where they are the MOST likely to learn about products they want to buy. Advertising agencies know that TV wins by a wide margin over other media for being influential and exciting. Consumers voted TV most influential by 78%, more than newspapers, radio, magazines and internet combined! TV also wins in the Most Authoritative, Most Persuasive, and Most Exciting categories, by a wide margin. A resounding 74% of the viewing public says TV commercials are a fair price to pay for being able to watch TV.

TVs ARE GETTING BIGGER - The average home has a larger TV now than in past years, and many homes own several. People aren't giving up the home entertainment center any time soon; your message can be right there.

TV IS CHEAPER THAN POSTCARDS - Let's compare. Suppose you order your cards and pay $1,000 for 10,000 cards, for example. Postage, when you get your cards sent out in bulk, costs another 17 cents each, or $1,700. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You just spent $2,700 to reach 10,000 customers, one shiny little postage-paid "hello" per customer.  In many local markets, Tampa, Florida for example, you could reach 100,000 customers with not one, but many televised "hellos" for the same money.  AND, your message comes through in full motion on a nice, big, full-color television. (Notice how the TVs are getting bigger and bigger these days?) We'll be honest with you, there are a few places where you can get a great postcard bargain. BUT WOULDN'T YOU RATHER REACH TEN TIMES AS MANY CUSTOMERS AND ACTUALLY TALK TO THEM?

TV IS JUST MORE FUN - TV moves. TV has music. It's f u l l   c o l o r and as BIG as your customer's television screen, up-close and personal. You can share TV viewing at home with family and friends, or you can catch it in a club, sports bar, or restaurant -- even in your mechanic's waiting room! Nothing moves like TV!

More individuals in the U.S. own television sets than ever before (98% of households), and many own more than one TV set. Cable TV subscriptions are up, averaging 69% nationwide, while another 11-13% of homes watch TV over satellite. And of course, broadcast is still available free to anybody in the U.S. who has a TV set and antenna.

ADDRESS YOUR READERS, WITHOUT SPAMMING - With TV, you can pinpoint exactly the type of customer you want to reach, by airing when and where your customer is watching. We make it easy. We can help you find the best networks and times to air your TV spot. Because we help you locate where and when your prospective customers are watching, you can send your message directly to your customers without "spamming" them.

Don't be a "stranger." So-called "Permission based internet marketing" is claimed to be the least invasive form of advertising because the customer supposedly asked for the information. Like a telemarketer's message on your home answering machine, permission-based e-mail often simply annoys users because they forget what they signed up for and they generally regard any e-mail from a stranger as spam. E-mail addresses do get shared between web sites. Although it is explained in standard "Privacy Policies," most users don't realize that they'll be getting bunches of e-mails. Even if their address is not sold, it can be shared with a network of online partners. Users throw away or block e-mails that come from sources they don't know. Ask yourself: when was the last time you viewed a TV commercial and wondered hey, how did the advertiser find you?

TV is the easy going, non-invasive, yet targeted advertising medium!

TV SAYS YOU'VE ARRIVED - Advertising on TV tells your customers that "you've arrived"...your business is substantial and stable. It says you are proud of your business and want the world to know about it. TV advertisers gain positive notoriety in the communities they serve, and being seen on TV builds the community's trust in you. TV advertising places a business in a class with the most successful businesses in the community. Television conveys "stardom" upon advertisers in a way that no other media can.

BUILD YOUR BRAND - In the customer's mind, TV advertising creates awareness of your product, service, company, and most importantly, your BRAND. In this world of constant media messages, it has never been more important to separate your company from the rest of the pack, and TV advertising makes the most vivid impression at a bargain "cost per impression."

SEE IT, HEAR IT, REMEMBER IT - Studies on learning and memory say that repetition with both sound and visual input is the best way to ensure that a concept is remembered. TV advertising is the only advertising method that consistently offers both full motion images and stereo sound.

The next closest things are the internet and moblie, where users can play videos - but right now, they're pretty small and not as sharp, clear, and smooth as a broadcast or cable TV image. Despite the popularity of certain formats like Macromedia Flash, the usefulness of online video is still being debated since the audience is extremely fragmented. Real TV continues to be more reliable in delivering video than the internet. Heck, as internet video gets better, we'll be happy to help you get on there, too.

MEASURABLE RESULTS - They've been measuring TV viewership since the dawn of television. Thanks to the Nielsen Ratings, Arbitron, and other TV viewership measurement agencies, TV has pertinent and valid methods for measuring audience demographics and response. The age, sex, income and interests of TV viewers are easily tracked without collecting the personal details and identifiers required to mount even an email campaign. Additionally, customers can be reached more cheaply with television commercials than with either print or bulk e-mailings.  

Note: Some web advertising promoters are now using their own interpretation of Neilsen's internet usage statistics to claim that the Web has surpassed television in its ability to reach customers; this is simply false. While the Web will continue to be an important support to overall marketing efforts (for example, it makes an excellent expanded brochure), TV is still considered by viewers to be MOST INFORMATIVE, MOST PERSUASIVE, and MOST EXCITING -- by a wider margin than web, magazines, newspaper and radio combined.

BOOST YOUR CAMPAIGN - You don't need to give up your keyword ads, print ads or other ad campaigns to take advantage of TV advertising. We will design your TV campaign to complement your current campaign taglines, images, and overall tone. You get extra mileage out of your established sales pitch while you gain the valuable exposure offered only throuth television.

* Television set ownership statistics courtesy of Television Bureau of Advertising, New York, NY.
* Television viewership data source Nielsen Media Research, reported 21 September 2006.